Colorful Guizhou Airlines

Salary:191,800——255,796 USD/Y

   (Currency: USD)

Work Patterns

      A      B     C      D      E     F    G     H

6 on

2 off

6 on

3 off

4 on 4 off/2 on 2 off
Annual Leave90 days100 days110 days120 days130 days///
Sick Leave/Year5 days
Block Hours/Month80
Basic Salary/Month18,33317,66617,00016,33315,66618,26716,20013,000
    Bonus /Year
Travel Allowance
Housing Allowance
Transport Allowance
RMB 2000
Chinese income taxes will be paid by the   company
Safety Bonus20000
Overtime Fee/Hour200/ hour
Flight TimeTotal Flight time 3000+   hours , 500+ hours PIC on current type
Last flightCurrent flight within   recent 12 calendar months
AgeNo older than 55
EnglishICAO level 4
MedicalMedical Class 1
OthersNo criminal records; no   aaccident/incident



Intruduction of Airline



 Colorful Guizhou Airlines Co.,Ltd (Colorful Guizhou Airlines) is a state-owned company. Established on June 19th 2015,our first flight occurred on December 31, 2015. We now have two ERJ190 airplanes and will bring in four more ERJ190s in 2016. Our goal is to reach twenty ERJ190 by 2020. Our base of operations is located at Longdongbao International Airport in Guiyang, Guizhou province.


As the only local airline in Guizhou province, our responsibility is to develop and improve Guizhou’s air transport services and industry, and to stimulate Guizhou’s economic development. In order to compete in the aviation market, Colorful Guizhou Airlines strictly adheres to the principles of safety, service and reputation. We strive to provide our customers with a safe, on-time, comfortable and convenient flight service.




Introduction of Airport



Longdongbao International Airport is located in the eastern part of Guiyang, about eleven kilometres away from the city centre. The airport services both national and international flights. National destinations include Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and International destinations include Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul(Charter), Phuket(Charter) and Singapore(Charter). In 2014, the airport handled over 12 million passengers and over a hundred thousand flights.


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