Lucky Airlines

Salary:184,200——257,400 USD/Y

(Currency: USD)
Work Patterns
Pattern APattern BPattern CPattern D
Resident4 on 2 off6 on 3 off1 M on 1M off
Annual Leave36 days///
Sick Leave/Year10 days///
Block Hours/Month80757060
Basic Salary/Month18,60016,50015,50012,500
Contract Term3 years, 10% increase on   basic monthly salary when renewal
Housing   Allowance/Month800 (30 days free hotel   accommodation when registration)
Transport   Allowance/Month300
Travel Allowance3,000 every 6 months
Tickets Benefits14 confirmed round trip   domestic tickets within HNA group for the pilots and family members     
2Unlimited ID 75 standby   domestic tickets within Lucky Air network for the pilots and family members
3Unlimited free jump-to-seat   domestic tickets within Lucky Air network for the pilots
Safety Bonus15,000 every 12 months
Overtime Fee/Hour232220220200
Flight Time3,000 hours total time,   800+ hours PIC on A320
Last flightCurrent flight within   recent 12 calendar months
AgeNo older than 53
EnglishICAO level 4
MedicalMedical Class 1


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