What are the major steps for application in China?

2016-02-01 18:32:26

Step 1: Prepare your CV and profiles, start applying the job you want

Required  documents



Valid/current ATPL

scanned copy


Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical

scanned copy


ICAO Level 4 (or equivalent) English  proficiency

scanned copy


Last 3 pages (both sides) of the logbook

scanned copy


Last proficiency check record

scanned copy


Valid passport with photo page

scanned copy


Letter of Authorization

scanned copy


Application form


Attention: Which we need is the scanned copy, rather than photos of it.

For application, Please send the above documents to: jobs@skynetconsult.com .We’ll verify and respond in 3 days.

-        Step2: Screening process.

Afteryour CV and profiles are approved by the Airlines, we will arrange your firsttrip to China in 7 days. The screening usually include:

a)    Company Interview

b)    Company Simulator Check

c)    CAAC Medical Check

d)    CAAC ATPL Written Test

We need about 7 working days to process it.

You need to issue the Chinese visa to enter China, we can provide invitation letter if needed. And of course, our professional recruitment team will help you toprepare for the screening, that’s one of the reasons you choose Skynet International.

-        Step3: Line up period.

After passing the screening, you should come to China again :

1.    CAAC Simulator Check. As China hasspecific requirements on simulator check, we will help you on this personally.

2.    CAAC Registration. No criminalrecord; No incidents or accidents; licenses and certificates in procedure.

-        Step4: Enjoy your flight in China.

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